i stop posting so much photography because a lot of it bores the hell out of me due to a shit ton of nepotism in the medium and i start posting more painting because of its variety and power but now certain blogs are starting to do the same. stooooops. i wonder how many photography series can be…

Pete Rock in his backyard. 
New York, 2013
My parents, legally married after 29 years together. #aboutfuckingtime #civilrights #lgbtlife #lesbos #lillylickers #soproud #weoutheregettinmarried #mymomwearsjordans #icried PHOTO BY @breeforall
Far Rockaway
New York

the Ghost video.

get rich or die tryin’

Olu Dara in his dining room
video still
New York
James White
New York
New York, 2012

"I’ve been having strange dreams lately"
New Mexico 2010, New York 2012
Pennsylvania, 2012
couldn’t resist
Rockaway, 2012